Top 10 ways to earn money online

Top 10 ways to make Money Online -  Earn 100$ per month

1. Blogging 

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online and that to millions by some unique writing. To be a good blogger you need to be good at article writing and an expert in SEO ranking i.e., you need to keep the right keywords on your article for better search engine rankings. It's sure that you will earn vast from blogging. 

2. YouTube

YouTube has been one of the best sources of revenue provider for many of the creators due to the increase in the no of creators count YouTube has implemented new rules. Now monetization became a bit tough but nevertheless, many creators are successfully getting their monetization 

3. User Testing

User Testing means testing a particular software and give the result to the company like checking the bugs in the software and some errors in the software. There is a website called User Testing where you can
find multiple software to check and you will be paid for checking the software. before you start testing the software you have to clear a test by the Website then you will be allowed to start testing 

4. Affiliate Marketing

Many of you have heard about Affiliate Marketing and it is the easiest way to make money without any hard work if you have good
support. It provides a good source of income from companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. This method will be much better for creators who have many customers(Subscribers, Viewers).

5. Fiver marketing

This is the source of income where you can make a business deal that means you can sell your creativity like writing an article, giving audio to a particular video, making logos for apps, etc. You can gain a lot by doing these works it all depends on your works and the rating given by the customer

6. Swagbucks/Points Prize

Swagbucks/points prizes are surveyed paying sites here you need to complete surveys and based on your completion of surveys you will get money.PayPal cards, Google play cards, etc are available to redeem. It's not a complicated process but you can do it at your free time one hour would be more than enough for this site to work on.

7.Android App Development

It is a tough way to make money unless you are a developer/programmer of big apps. After creating an app you can monetize it by using Google 
Admob you can put ads in your app and thereby you can make money from those ads. After creating an app with Admob ads you have to put in the Google Play Store

8. Doing an Udemy Course

If you are a good content creator instead of uploading a course on YouTube for free you can sell that course for money as per your wish.
If you get an order then you will get money. You need to keep good professional videos or you won't get many orders. Uploading course for once is enough to get multiple orders. Udemy is the best website for selling your course this website is with so much traffic

9. Some Earning Apps 

There are some earning apps available in androids that can make pocket money for you by working an hour. Some of the apps provide money for playing games on their app. Some apps like MPL, cheeta keyboard,4fun, etc. You cant earn vast as above methods in this way but these are decent.

10. Link Shortener

Link Shorteners are also like affiliate marketing but a lot better than that here you will have to shorten a link on that website and you have to share that link with your friends and when they click that link ads are displayed and you will be generated with some revenue. Some URL Shortener sites are, Clicksfly, etc


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