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Buying Traffic from Fiverr is it right?

In Fiverr we see many Gigs that provide traffic to your website, Views for YouTube, Watch Time for YouTube are they real it has been a question for many people right now should we buy it?

Here I am going to discuss the things you need to be aware before you buy this kind of Gigs

1. They might use traffic bot to generate views and some clicks.

Some of the people use traffic bots for generating views they are not real views those traffic bots use different proxies to generate views with different IPs. The proxies are different kinds and are available for all countries. You might have noticed that the Gig provider even gives you an option of selecting countries from where you want traffic to be generated. The process they do is that they use proxies of all countries if you asked them to generate traffic from the US they will use US proxies and generate traffic, if you ask for UK traffic they will use UK proxies. In such a way they keep on rotating with proxies. 

2. They might use their social media followers to visit your pages.

Some of them just post your website/youtube link in their social media. The ones who have lots of social media influencers will do this. They say to their users to check your content and they just open and close because the bounce rate would be increased to peaks and you might lose ranking capability by Google. But these are genuine views that are considered by Google and are quality views which can also increase Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) as they are from Social Media like FaceBook, etc. These are few but maintain at least quality, not like Bots 

So what can I do? How can I find the difference?

The difference can be found by communicating with the Gig provider you should not ask the Gig provider directly you have to ask them indirectly like how are you going to provide traffic if they say that they provide through social media you can have trust on them if they say that the traffic comes from their clients or says some secrete work there is a bit of chance of scam(it might bot traffic)

Is Bot Traffic Safe for ranking and Adsense?

The short answer is no. Bot traffic can never be trusted Google Adsense may even disable your Adsense Account. Bot traffic might increase your ranking but not trusted as you can get busted.

My option is to not opt for Fiverr Traffic Gigs

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