How to rank your Website in 2020 Top - SEO Ranking methods

How to rank your Website in 2020 Top - SEO Ranking methods

How to rank your Website in 2020 Top - SEO Ranking methods

How to increase your blog SEO Ranking in 2020

*Domain Authority

*Page Speed



*Bounce Rate

In this Post only few and important points are discussed. No time waste

A. Domain Authority

Domain Authority and Page Authority are created by a company called MOZ but it is often said that DA and PA are not ranking factors but there is some belief that DA and PA are ranking factors. DA ranges from 0 - 100. At the beginning your website will have 0 DA and PA when you keep on working on it then gradually your DA and PA increases. 

Some steps to increases DA and PA 

* Get High Quality Backlinks

* Increase your traffic 

* Get Views from social media's like Facebook

* Traffic from Some High Authority Websites like Quora, Pintrest, etc.

B. Backlinks

Backlinks are two types 
1. Do-Follow 
2. No-Follow 

1. Do-Follow 

Do-Follow Backlinks means the baclinks which you took are to be reviewed for ranking i.e., in do-follow backlinks Google will recognize them as the owner of the backlink provider want your site to be ranked and considered from his perspective too.

2. No-Follow 

No-Follow Backlinks means the backlinks which you took are not reviewed for ranking i.e., the owner who gave you backlinks doesn't recommend Google to rank your page and there by your page will not be considered for ranking 

How to get Backlinks

You can get backlinks from Commenting, Guest Posts, etc. Just keep building backlinks it is the key factor to rank. SEO in 2020 will be good with Link Building

C. Content Writing

This is the most important factor for Organic Traffic and Google to rank your page. If you write a content which is of 1000 words and not SEO Optimized then it is difficult for your page to rank and if you write 500 words content with good SEO Optimization then you have a chance to rank higher. You need to use your Keywords multiple times in your content that means you should not spam keywords. Use 5-10% of Keywords in your article repeatedly. Content should be posted regular you have to post atleast 3-4 articles per week. There will be no growth in two to three days it may take months or years. You need to check keywords their search volumes time to time and should update your website. 

Wordpress rank better than Blogger

D. Page Speed 

Most of you dont care about it but it is also a crutial factor to rank if your website take 4-8 seconds to load then it is considered as slow and not considered as a page to be ranked. The ideal time is 1-2 seconds and it is considered as good page to rank by google.

So how do i reduce Page Loading Time

Make Sure that you use images of low resolutions i.e., the images size should be as low as possible. Thes best and decent size is 10kb - 15kb but not more than that if you use images with size 50kb-100kb then your images loads slower and results in decrease of page speed

E. Tags and Highlighting 

You need to use anchor tags to rank well as Google uses anchor tags also in their algorithm and using Bold font to highlight your Keyword is very important. <h1> Tag is very important as per Google Ranking reports it is found that <h1> Tags are more ranked than <h2>, <h3>, etc.So prefer using <h1> Text in your title's of every concept so that you can rank better even in 2020 there are some Old SEO Techniques to be used

F. Bounce Rate 

Not everyone is familiar with Bounce rate. So lets know what is Bounce Rate. Bounce Rate means the visitor bouncing back from your website i.e., just going back within few seconds back. If the visitors keep on going back without a least time spent then your rank will fall. The best average time a visitor should spent is 35-45 seconds that results in bounce rate about 30-40%. The best bounce rates are as followed

20-30% - Best
40-50% - Below Average
50-70% - Doesn't Rank
70% above - Ranked down

G. Guest Posts

Guest Posts means you go to an High Authority Website and Write an article in that Website and so you can get referal to your website so that you get views as well as increase your domain authority. Try to use websites like Medium ( where you can do guest posts. You can provide either write full article and post your website link or write half article and leave a link of your website for full article. Google currently running BERT Algorithm 

H. Image Optimization 

You need to optimize images as well as content. The Images you keep should be provided with title and tags to rank. If you dont optimize your images then you have a little chance of failing in ranking. It is not so important but can be useful with some content

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